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Celebrate Taylor Lautner’s 21st Birthday With 10 Shots Of His Bulging Biceps

February 11th, 2013 | 12:45 pm

by Jordan Runtagh (@JordanRuntagh)

10 Photos Of Taylor Lautner's Bulging Biceps

If you read this site enough, you’ll probably get the impression that we’re all a bunch of rabid raving Robert Pattinson super-fans.  And you would be correct. But considering that today is Taylor Lautner’s 21st birthday, we’ve decided to fly the Team Jacob Flag!

Yes, that world’s hottest werewolf is now officially old enough to drink in a bar, despite the fact that he’s had the body of a bouncer since he was like 15. Seriously, this dude could bench press a truck. On the other hand, we still have trouble lifting our grocery bags of Doritos and soda up three flights of stairs. What is his secret!? It probably involves bench pressing trucks and not consuming bags filled with Doritos and soda. Ahh, it sounds so simple now.

In honor of his big day, we’d like to round up a few of the most impressive pics of young T-Laut’s bulging biceps, perfect pecs, awesome abs and all-around flawless physique. It’s not like we’re jealous or anything, but…we are. Enjoy!

[Photo: Summit/Lionsgate/Splash News Online]

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