Courtney Stodden at a fashion show with her mom: so disturbing?

Earlier this week, Courtney Stodden did a brief interview on the red carpet that kind of summed up her life. It was hilarious, and it suggests that she’s totally over her 53 year-old husband. She was asked by two little girl journalists “what was your big break?” and she scoffed “My big break was my 52 year-old husband. I don’t know if you’re familiar with my story. I was 16 years old when I married a 50 year-old man.” She put the emphasis on “fifteeee” like it was super old, and it seriously is. She may look like a washed-up 45 year-old stripper but she’s still just 18.

The last we saw Courtney she was mocking herself in a strange video in which she adopted an alter ego and claimed she was her own stepsister, Courtland. She expressed disdain for her life, calling herself a slut and saying “I’m from Washington State. I would never move to Hollywood to marry some old, washed up, D-List, saggy-balled actor.”

So here shes is at an LA Fashion show for a line called “Shekeharrahate’s Haute Couture” with her mom, who is clearly the mastermind behind her media career. It really bothers me how her mom is holding her while she’s sitting on her lap. This whole family is incredibly disturbing on many levels. Remember these photos with her dad?

Here’s the link to the website for this fashion line. All the dresses look like very tacky prom and wedding dresses, like something the chicks on “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” would wear.

Also, we do shut down comments that bring up conspiracy theories and link to ridiculous sites about it. It’s possible for a young girl to be abused and controlled by her family without it being some huge hollywood mind control conspiracy. But yeah, this is not a normal situation and this is not a girl who is able to make her own choices in life. She also does not look sober in any way.


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