Justin Timberlake CONCLUDES Timberweek On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon With ANOTHER History Of Rap! Watch HERE!

Justin Timberlake‘s week-long takeover of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, otherwise known as “Timberweek,” has been an raucous, giggle-worthy treat for our laugh-holes, but it just wouldn’t have been complete without the pair teaming up for a FOURTH edition of their now iconic History of Rap!

And luckily, on last night’s concluding episode, our dream came true!

Please watch what has become a STAPLE of the Suit & Tie singer’s appearances on the talk show (above)!

FLAWLESS, boys! Absolutely FLAWLESS!

We think we’ve said that about every one of these medleys, but seriously!

The only way you’re going to top this is by including the EPIC rap from Teen Witch, “Top That!”

HEY! We can dare to dream, can’t we?!

Thanks for an INCREDIBLE Timberweek, Justin! Come back soon!

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