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Breaking News: Lil Wayne In Critical Condition After Suffering Several Seizures

Lil wayne1

Lil Wayne is in critical condition and a medically induced coma after suffering several seizures….


Lil Wayne
 is in ICU in critical condition after suffering yet another seizure, and we’re told it doesn’t look good … TMZ has learned.

We broke the story … the 30-year-old rapper was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Hospital in L.A. Tuesday night after suffering multiple seizures.  He was released Wednesday but just hours later one of his bodyguards found him in his room, on the floor and unconscious.

Wayne was rushed to the hospital again, but this time he did not stabilize.  He was taken to ICU, where he was placed in restraints because he was shaking uncontrollably.

We’re told Wayne is currently “unstable,” and has been placed in an induced coma.  He is breathing through tubes.

We’re told several people are at Wayne’s bedside crying, and a number of rap artists and family members are on the way.  Sources say the scene is violent as Wayne shakes uncontrollably.

Sources say there’s evidence Wayne went on a Sizzurp binge after being released Wednesday, because doctors found high amounts of codeine in his system.

We’re told Wanye’s stomach was pumped 3 times to flush the drugs from his system.

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Rihanna Performs In Philly

Rihanna Philly1

Rihanna recovered from laryngitis and hit the stage in Philly last night y’all. Are you feelin’ her concert get-up?

More images

Rihanna philly

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Nia Long Covers JET

NIa Long1

Nia Long is on the cover of JET magazine looking absolutely delicious. Are you feelin’ this cover??? 

We Sure Are!!!!

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Throwback Freestyle: Jay-Z Freestyles Over “Grammy Family” On Hot 97


Jay-Z is the greatest rapper of all time and the video you’re about to see shows what real lyrics are…..

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Beyonce For SHAPE Magazine

Beyonce Shape1

Beyonce is in the latest issue of SHAPE magazine folks, posing up a storm. How do you like?

There’s more!!!

Beyonce Shape

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This Is Sick: College Basketball Dunk Of The Week!

Fast Break

Watch Jordan McRae put on a show y’all!

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Tahiry Speaks On The Physical Altercation That Took Place Between Joe Budden & Consequence and His Teeth

Tahiry black

Tahiry gave a first hand account of the altercation that ensued between Joe Budden, Consequence and his teeth.

Listen for yourself

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Nicki Minaj Covers ELLE

Nicki Minaj ELLE1

Nicki Minaj covers ELLE magazine in all of her barbie doll glory. Nicki’s body parts might be paid for but she’s still sexy as H!

More images from the spread

Nicki Minaj ELLE

Nicki Minaj ELLE2

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Michelle Obama Covers Vogue

Michelle Obama Vogue

First Lady Michelle Obama is on the latest cover of VOGUE y’all. She looks brilliantly beautiful.

You like the cover?

More shots from the spread

Michelle Obama Vogue1

First Lady Michelle Obama has played the role of Felix to her husband’s Oscar during their entire 20-year partnership, President Obama revealed.

“I had this little bachelor apartment that Michelle refused to stay in because she thought it was a little, uh . . . you know, pizza boxes everywhere,” President Obama says in April’s Vogue.

“When she came, I had to get her a hotel room.”

The first lady chimed in, “That place caught on fire.”

So while the president might look like America’s debonair leader, it takes an executive order from Michelle for him to put his coat on a hanger.

And what Michelle has done is to remind me every day of the virtues of order,” the chief executive said. “Being on time. Hanging up your clothes. Being intentional about planning time with your kids.”

He added, “We’re very different people, and some of that’s temperamental, some of it is how we grew up.

“Michelle grew up in a model nuclear family: mom, dad, brother. I had this far-flung family — father left at a very young age, a stepfather who ended up passing away as well. My mother was this wonderful spirit, and she was adventurous but not always very well organized.”

An evening with the first family is much like any other dinner-table gathering across America, Michelle insisted.

“Ninety percent of our conversation is about these girls: What are they doing? And who’s got what practice? And what birthday party is coming up? And did we get a gift for this person?” the first lady said.

President Obama admitted that he benefited politically coming into the public’s eye as a young parent. He and Michelle looked like any other husband and wife struggling to make ends meet:

“We had to figure out how to make a mortgage, payin’ the bills, goin’ to Target, and freakin’ out when . . . the woman who’s looking after your girls while Michelle’s working suddenly decides she’s quittin’.”

Michelle Obama Vogue2

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Kim Kardashian And Her New Bangs Spotted Out And About In LA

Kim street1

Kim Kardashian donned some bangs as she navigated through the mean streets of LA yesterday afternoon. MO readers are you feelin’ her new bangs? What about the outfit?

More imagesKim street3

Kim street2

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